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Kausani Resorts- Giving of best packages of resorts in kausani

Summary of Kausani Resorts

Not every destination for every group. You should choose your trip destination wisely. Here is some information from Kausani resorts agent on different types of tours.

Details guide of Kausani Resorts

Traveling to new destinations can be your passion or just a casual way to spend your vacations in a new environment. In both case you can choose different destinations and it is most important thing which place you are choosing. While for a young group of people a mountain trip can be really entertaining, it can’t be good for elderly people. So, one must know what type of trip would be suitable for them and which are those places that offer such tourism. Well, as per resorts in Kausani agents, depending upon several aspects there are some divisions of tourisms and it tells a lot. However, the meaning of these ‘category’ can vary a lot as per the area, a group of people, age group and so on. However, more or less the basic meaning is same. So, here are the major divisions for you.


Ecotourism is highly popular across the globe for its nature. It is a soft adventure tourism and don’t require tough physical effort. So, what is ecotourism? Simply exploring undeveloped natural communities and areas. Often it may be sensitive areas such as the Jarawas in Andaman or any interior place of the Seven Sisters. Often you may require permission to visit these places and of course you need to take authorized guide with you.

Thrill Tourism:

As the name says it is obviously a form of hard adventure tourism where your pulse rate would fluctuate often and you need to be tackling the things calmly with intense physical expertise. Be it bungee jumping, river rafting, rock climbing, it is mostly for physically fit and trained travelers, says a manager at hotels in Kausani. Though these days several young groups are joining these thrill tourism to accept the challenge, it is highly suggested not to take these easily as these can be life threatening often.

Ethno Tourism:

Though it is the oldest form of tourism popular since the ancient time, today it is backed up by tour agencies. Mostly it fall under soft adventure where travelers pass long distance through trekking to explore faraway places with very poor or no communication with the rest world. Mostly the travelers need to travel through jungles and mountains and only enthusiasts participate in such tourisms.

Pleasure Tourism:

No need to explain that these tours don’t involve any risk and it the most popular form of tour. Visiting any popular city or heritage spot where you get lots of fun and refreshment amenities around you and you can go with your family and aged persons with you without any worry. However, these areas are good for general people who want some refreshment while get the opportunity to know a new place, culture and so on.Read More

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Kausani Resorts- The Luxury Tourism:

This is nothing different than the pleasure tourisms other than the provided facilities and of course the expense. You get all the costly amenities and features that you dream for and it is good to spend a few days in the lonely resorts with the entire world class facilities, says an agent of Kausani resorts.

Honeymoon Tourism:

As per the name, it is specially designed package tour for the new couples. You get the perfect ambience and facilities to spend your time closely and make enough romance across the day. Mostly it doesn’t involve in lots of things to do; but enough option to become closer and enjoy the time with each other.


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